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Copaed is a text editor and a development tool for multiple programming languages as well as for websites. Its most mentionable features are the support for multiple clipboards, easy snippet management, syntaxhighlighting and expandability with scripts.
It runs on all common desktop operatingsystems with Java. More

Website and the network

Our Network spans from Copenhagen to Brunswick and even to Nuremberg. This website is the central point for information, software, ticket system, forum etc. and can be easily and quickly expanded by our content management system. Beside this website we offer cloudstorage, eMail, calender and more with Nextcloud. We use Nagios as our monitoring tool to keep track of our HP, SUN and vServers.


A Debian-based Linux designed as a live version with backup and system testing capabilities as a tool for administrators, but also very easily configured and usable as a drop-in server or desktop system. More

Future-oriented technology

Technology always means a certain look into the future. Therefore, we decided to make our projects available as open source, documented and long-term available.
In addition, we run all of our IT on renewable energy and use some of our computing power for the Stanford University's Folding@Home project to calculate protein folding to better understand and, maybe, cure diseases such as Alsheimer, Parkinson's, and cancer. See our score.