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Copaed - Source code editor
Garry's Mod Boombox Map - A new interpretation of gm_construct
Garry's Mod Ferry Map - Sandbox roleplay on the sea
We've launched our own Minecraft server!

Uptime and stats of our network

Since a few days we have now unlocked a new feature for our network. At status.kaai24.eu there is always an overview of the status and reliability of our public servers.

This service is provided by Uptime Robot and informs us in addition to our Nagios immediately, via website and direct message to the smartphone, if problems should arise.

We already had a reliability of more than 99% in the last years and want to expand this further.




At this point everyone interessted into IT should know about AI and the advantages and dangers about it. But I think there is a fundamental error in human thinking about AI. Everyone talking about the dangers and as I know everyone developing it only considers the pure knowlength and thinking/calculating possibilities of an AI but no currently existing creature makes decisions based on intelligence only. AI needs to have empathy (maybe based on intelligence). Without we are creating a lot of Asperger like creatures.


Ubiquiti UniFi Network

After working with the Ubiquiti UniFi network equipment for about a week I have to admit I love it! That's because of the kind and possibilities everything works. So I exchanged most of my Netgear hardware to UniFi ones... read more


New version is online

Starting today, the new version of the website is online. A few features are still missing, but everything basic already works. If problems arise, please give feedback.


(Fast) fertig überarbeitet

Endlich ist die ganze Website so gut wie fertig überarbeitet. Momentan wird 30% des Internets mit Wordpress verwaltet, wenn man nur Websites mit Content Management Systemen betrachtet sind es sogar 60,2%. Die Konkurenz Joomla kommt auf 3,1% und Drupal auf 2,2% (Quelle). Alle haben wir uns angesehen aber uns doch dazu entschieden ein eigenes, komplett neues Content Management System zu entwickeln. So können Seiten nun deutlich schneller erstellt und bearbeitet werden. Eine Zusammenfassung der Neuerungen:

  • Neuer Login-Bereich
  • Mehrsprachig
  • Neues Content Management System inkl. Online-Editor
  • Verschiedenste Artikel und Anleitungen die ständig erweitert werden
  • Mobile Version und Drucker freundliche Version verfügbar
  • Ein neuer Kommentar und Forenbereich ist auch fast fertig



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