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About us

Kaai24 Development Studios is a small, innovative team and creates new solutions for home and business users. We are primarily active in the areas of data storage and backup, network, virtualization and software development.

We cover every part of the IT world from small soldering jobs or application development to the planning, building and management of servers. Our experience is based on years of work with many different products and solutions like desktops, HP* ProLiant* Servers or SGI* Origin* and Onyx* Supercomputers as well as Sun*/Oracle* Java and VirtualBox.

We operate both our own and hosted servers in Copenhagen, Brunswick and Nuremberg. As a result, we are very flexible and capable to provide services like terabytes of cloud storage.

The origin

Founded by Kaai, it began with minor modifications to games (such as levels, textures, and functions) and building websites and quickly grew in size (eg, Own Linux Live Systems or Java programming). Since 2005 is the homepage online and it is also the core of the projects because most are presented here.

From autodidactic learning and incorporation into the hobby, it finally became a profession with the training as IT specialist for system integration / IT system engineer.

Our milestones