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Cisco IOS

Internetwork Operating System

Some basic Cisco IOS commands. Everything does not need to be fully written. The beginning of the words are enough.


Switch from user to privilege mode (admin)

enable #or en

Config mode via terminal (from priv. mode)

configure terminal #or conf t

Set password for enable

enable password abcd1234

Save new config

copy running-config startup-config

Show interface status

show interface status
show ip interface brief
show interface summary

Working with MAC addresses

show mac address-table
show arp

Show current configuration (2. begin with interface Gi0/1, 3. include only lines with "dns")

show running-config
sh run | begin Gi0/1
sh run | include dns

Show connected devices

show cdp neighbors
show lldp neighbors (needs to be enabled with "lldp run")

Leave an elevated mode


Configure and enable an interface

eg. first FastEthernet (every option is optional)

interface FastEthernet0/0 #or int fa0/0
duplex full
ip address
switchport access vlan 1
spanning-tree portfast
no shutdown

Or configure multiple interfaces at once with

int range fa0/0 - 4

Disable a command by writing "no" in front of it.


Set a static route

#ip route network mask gateway
ip route

Show routing

show ip route


Enable snmp protocol

snmp-server community public RO
snmp-server community private RW

Test if it is enabled

show snmp

0 SNMP packets input
    0 Bad SNMP version errors
    0 Unknown community name
    0 Illegal operation for community name supplied
    0 Encoding errors
    0 Number of requested variables
    0 Number of altered variables
    0 Get-request PDUs
    0 Get-next PDUs
    0 Set-request PDUs
    0 Input queue packet drops (Maximum queue size 1000)
0 SNMP packets output
    0 Too big errors (Maximum packet size 1500)
    0 No such name errors
    0 Bad values errors
    0 General errors
    0 Response PDUs
    0 Trap PDUs
SNMP global trap: disabled

If it is disabled it will show

%SNMP agent not enabled

Get help

General help


Command specific help (eg. for command show)

show ?

Example switch config (incomplete)

hostname cisco1
spanning-tree mode mst
spanning-tree portfast bpduguard default
enable password abc123
banner motd #Property of ME. Authorised access only!#

# Enable HTTPS only WebUI
no ip http server
ip http secure-server
ip http authentication local

ip domain-name cisco.local
ip ssh version 2
crypto key generate rsa modulus 2048
username root privilege 15 secret abc123
line vty 0 15
	transport input ssh
	transport preferred none
aaa new-model

snmp-server community public RO 
snmp-server community private RW

# Management interface
interface vlan 1
	Description Management
	ip address
	no shutdown
ip default-gateway
ip name-server


(Edited 28-03-19)